Indoor pens & cages for house rabbits

Its not a very good idea to let you rabbit roam freely in your house or apartment all the time especially when you cannot keep an eye on them. For when you cannot supervise them, such as when you are at work or asleep, you will need to secure them in a safe environment that provides all the stuff they need i.e. lots of room to exercise, fresh water, food and toys for stimulation. In this section we look at the various types of cages and room setups that people use including homemade and purchased cages. Take a look below and see what ideas you could use to improve the setup you have in your home.

Indoor rabbit cages

There are a number cages available from pet stores to keep your house rabbit safe in when you cannot supervise it, however you have to bear in mind that rabbit do need enough space to stretch up and binky around so it’s unlikely it will be suitable unless it’s quite large.

Bunny proof room

If you have a small unused room in your house like a box bedroom then you could bunny proof the entire room. The benefit of this over a cage or pen is to give your rabbit as much room as you can afford for them to exercise. Make sure you keep all the surface reachable from the floor clear and be aware any wooden furniture that stands in the room is likely to be damages. You will also find that the skirting boards and door could be chewed so apply protection such as plastic corner guards and a door place if you see the any signs of damage to head off unwanted behaviour forming.


Often the best solution, somewhere between a cage and a room is a custom built pen. This can be made of a series of section taken from a pet pen or some people cleverly reuse material used for office storage to build quite complex environments held together rigidly with cable ties. Make sure the walls are made of tough wire and not a chewable material such as cardboard or wooden board as this simply won’t be strong enough. One advantage of this type of construction is that you can keep building this up and changing it around which is great stimulation for your rabbit and if you move its easy to pack away and rebuild.