How to rabbit proof your home

Follow the simple guides below and learn how to bunny proof the areas of each room where your house rabbit can cause damage. Make sure every area of your home is protected and safe.

Special care needs to be taken to ensure the environment you provide your house rabbit is free from the risks and dangers. It’s important to make a few simple but necessary changes to your home and life style to create a safe space. This can include stopping your rabbit going into unsafe areas of your home such as behind the TV or under your sofa. It can also mean being careful not to leave things out that may be dangerous if knocked over or eaten.
To make sure you have taken every precaution flow the guidance below and you will see with a little bit of you can relax knowing your rabbit can roam safely.

Power cords

menu-electricRabbits find chewing on power cords very tempting no matter how many times you tell them off. The moment you back is turned their sharp teeth can cut through the soft insulation in seconds leading to a nasty, even fatal accident. You will have to keep all power cords out of reach by move them behind furniture or protecting them with a split length tubing or blocking off areas like behind your TV with some bits of wood. See our comprehensive guide to rabbit proofing wires.

House plants

In their natural environment there are lots of plants rabbits can eat however in your home the few plants you have are likely to draw your rabbit attention and get munched. These often exotic plants don’t make very good food stuff for a rabbit and may even be poisonous. Make sure plants are moved out of your rabbits reach and that the leaves also cant fall in an area where your rabbit plays.

Playing safely on the sofa

Rabbits will want to play on and around your sofa. It offers shelter to hide under and is always accessible. Make sure it is safe by following some simple rules. Don’t place hot food or sharp objects on top in case your bunny jumps up without looking. Block of access to the underside of wooden framed sofas that may have unfinished materials like nails rough wood, rabbits can even crawl inside which can be very dangerous. be careful not to pile up loose cushions that could be unstable and cause a fall. Avoid chairs with reclining mechanisms and rocking chairs rabbits in case your rabbit become trapped in them and badly hurt.

Bathroom safety

Your bathroom is not a safe place for a rabbit to containing a lethal combination of slippery surfaces, water and dangerous chemicals. Always make sure your toilet seat is kept shut in case your house rabbit jumps in and don’t leave any cleaning products where your rabbit can reach them.

Safety in the garden

menu-gardenYour garden is very different to their natural environment and can be a dangerous place for them. They can escape to the road outside or be attacked by predators. Make sure it has plenty of safe places to hide and always put it away at night in a secure environment. Make sure you have block of gaps in hedges and under gates to prevent escape. Read more…


Provide a secure and completely safe environment such as a pen, large cage, or bunny proofed room when your bunny is unsupervised.