How to rabbit proof your garden

How to stop your house rabbit escaping from your garden under the gate or fence and making it safe from predictors and poisons plans.

menu-gardenIt’s a mistake to think your rabbit is going to be happy staying in the confines of your garden, their curious instincts will always drive them to test their boundaries, even chewing and digging their way out of the safe environment you provide them into a world of unsuspecting danger. Busy roads, cats and dogs as wild predators can all reduce the chance of your pet returning. Doing a through bunny proofing check to ensuring your garden is escape proof and safe is essential if you want your house rabbit to roam free to without danger.

Back gates

Back gates or garden gates nearly always need some improvement and it especially important to bunny proof them if they leads to dangerous environments such as a busy street or areas where people walk their dogs. They may have large natural spaces underneath them that a house rabbit can crawl under or a poor latch could lead to them being left open. Block off any spaces under or around the gate. If the gate does not close on its own a self closing purchased from a DIY store can be fitted.

Wild instincts

The grass is always greener the other side of the fence. Rabbits are curious creatures and like to explore, however they are not so good at finding their way back.

Fencing and hedges

The perimeter of your garden will constantly be tested by your house rabbit exploring and in search of fresh food. They can crawl through surprisingly small places and with a bit of digging and chewing can quickly open up a space big enough squeeze through. Don’t take any chances, if you have a fence dig along the edge and bury some bricks or wood. If you have a hedge then block it in with some wire mesh, you will need to bury this so it cant be undermined.


If you let a house rabbit roam free in your garden it could be in danger of attack from wild and domestic predators. Gardens often lack the natural defenses wild rabbits use to stay safe such as places to hide and other watchful eyes and can leave you house rabbit very exposed. You can’t keep an eye on them all the time however pet stores sell many types of runs and pens that let your house rabbit play safely. Make sure they offer protection from the top and are secured as a fox can easily lift up a wooden box or even chew through thin chicken wire.


Rabbits like to try out most things to see if they can be eaten and can eat a surprising amount of materials. Sharp teeth can strip bark from tree or shrub. Flower beds can make a tasty treat and soil in playing areas can be dug up and young roots eaten. You will need to protect some areas of your garden with some fencing to stop your house rabbit roaming into areas where damage can occur.

Poisonous plants

A wild rabbit is normally quite safe and happy munching on the abundance of plants in their environment. However the colourful and exotic plants you may have in your garden can be poisonous and your house rabbit will not recognise this by its taste. Make sure your house rabbit’s access to flower bets is restricted and place plant pots out of reach.