House Rabbit Safety Care Tips

There are lots of ways in your home that a curious rabbit could come to harm. Bunny proofing is a simple way to ensure the environment you provide your rabbit is danger free. Then you can relax knowing there won’t be any problems that could lead to injury, a costly vet’s bill or worse. Follow the simple advice and make safe all the danger zones in your home.

  1. Hide cables behind furniture or protect electrical cables with a split length tubing.
  2. Don’t allow your house rabbit access to the space behind your TV.
  3. Keep your house plants out of reach and check that leaves cant fall in an area where your rabbit plays.
  4. Don’t let your house rabbit eat your carpet. The synthetic materials can be harmful if digested.
  5. Don’t place hot food or sharp objects on you sofa as rabbit will often jump up without looking.
  6. Block of access to the underside of your sofas where sharp unfinished materials may cause harm.
  7. Don’t leave a space behind your sofa in case it slides back and harms your rabbit.
  8. Avoid piles of loose cushions that could cause your house rabbit to slip and fall.
  9. Chairs with reclining mechanisms and rocking chairs can be very dangerous.
  10. Block of crawl spaces behind electrical appliances that may have sharp meal edges and electrical cables.
  11. Make sure you house rabbits cannot get inside kitchen cupboards with cleaning chemicals.
  12. Always make sure your toilet seat is kept shut in case your house rabbit jumps in.
  13. Don’t leave cleaning chemicals in area where your rabbit has access.
  14. Block of gaps in hedges and under gates to prevent your rabbit straying into danger.