How to stop you dog chewing and ripping up its bed


How to dog proof your dogs bed and stop your dog chewing and ripping up its bedding

It can be very disappointing after going out and choosing what you think is the best quality bed, bringing it home and installing it where your dog will be the most comfortable when then instead of adopting it as their special place they choose to chew and tear it apart and sleep on the floor.

Not only is it expensive to have to keep replacing pet beds destroyed by your dog only for it to happen again, it can lead to increasing levels of frustration, cleaning up the mess and disciplining your dog when it was meant to be a nice reward.

If your dog likes to pull the stuffing out of cushion beds, tears blankets and old sheets into strips and rip holes in towels then you need to do something about it especially if it is eating the martials as well.

There are some ways you can limit the damage and train you dog to not to chew and tear their bed up however you dog may never learn to love his pet bed especially if it is a young dog which is something you should be prepared to accept. Try some of the ideas below so see if they help.

Bitter spray

Applying a bitter spray, which can be purchased from a pot store, can act to discourage your dog from unwanted chewing behaviour by leaving a bad taste in your dog’s mouth. This comes in the form of a spray and can be applied to the soft materials, If you are applying it to hard surfaces it can be cleaner to spray in on a cloth and wipe it on. Avoid homemade solutions such a chilli oil and perfume as this may be dangerous.

Choice of material

A tougher material although not as comforting may prove a more durable. Choose a bed with a strong material such as denim or cord. Alternatively buy a plastic bed and put a blanket or some vet bed in the bottom that you can wash and replace when you need to, if this doesn’t work try gluing some carpet to the bottom.

Safe and acceptable alternatives

It may be you dog is chewing its bed because it board so always make sure you provide lots of safe and acceptable alternatives that will act as a distraction such as a hard bone and a thick rope toy. View our Top 10 chew toys for dogs

Insecurity issues

It may also be that your dog is insecure about its space, if you think this is the case try providing it with a crate it can sit in as it may feel more ownership of it and not choose to destroy what it considers its own stuff.