How To Dog Proof Your Home

Follow our simple stet by step guide to Dog Proof your house or apartment
dog chewing up paper on the floor
It is not always possible to train you dog to respect your home and the damage caused by unwanted chewing and scratching can quickly build up as you try and correct this behavior. The soft plaster around doors can become scratched and the soft edges of wooden furniture can get chewed. Follow the list of recommendations below and see what dog proofing upgrades you can make before your left with a tatty looking home or are forced to make expensive repairs.

Remove clutter and other loose furnishings


Remove dangling hand towels and tablecloths as these will inevitably end up being pulled onto the floor.


Reconsider the decorative items in you home. The contents of the basket you keep on the floor with magazines and newspapers is may prove to tempting and the basket itself may become a tempting chew!

Soft furnishings

Cushions and soft furnishings can be a target of unwanted chewing behavior for your dog and especially for puppies. It may be best to avoid decorative items in your room such as throws, pillows and blankets with tempting fringe as these will get chewed.

Cushions can be very tempting for dogs to chew on

Blinds with long cords

Blinds with long cords or any other items that trail into a room can choke an unsuspecting dog if it catches his head in them. Mount a hook on the wall so they can be kept out of harm’s way.

Keep things tidy or it will get chewed

CDs and DVDS

It’s easy to get in the habit of leaving CD’s and DVD’s out but if you dog gets hold of them that can easily be damaged beyond repair. A bit of strenuous chewing can shatter them exposing lethal shards. Make sure they are placed on a shelf out of reach.

Don’t leave cloths laying around

Always pick up old shoes and cloths or they could become the latest toy. Put shoes in a closet and get a laundry box with a lid on it. Dogs will wand to play with loose objects especially if they smell of you.
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Always tidy up shoes and clothes to stop your dog chewing them

Food bowl

Even on a hard surface the area around food and water bowls can be contained. Place a large mat underneath to catch the mess

Remote controls

Remotes controls are irresistible to dogs who can destroy them in seconds. If you don’t mind where you put it it could end up leading to some expensive replacement so always keep them out or reach.

How to stop your remote control being chewed by dog or puppy

Bits and bobs

Odd bits and bobs like loose change, bits of string or cords, safety pins, buttons are very tempting to a dog which if digested can be very dangerous. Always get in the habit of picking small items up and putting them somewhere safe. A bowl on a shelf can be useful for keep useful stuff in where a curious dog won’t swallow it.

Make furniture safe and stop it being damaged

Chewing on table and chair legs

Some dogs love to chew on furniture legs especially puppies. Its best to stop this at the first signs of damage before it becomes a habit as its surprising how far it can go. Making the table or chair leg less appealing by using bitter sprays and provide lots of chewable alternatives.

How to stop your pet dog or puppy chewing on chair and table legs

Securing furniture

Make sure furniture that can be tipped over is secured to prevent it being knocked over. Large units like bookcase can be screwed to the wall to prevent them being pulled over onto your pet. Avoid placing heavy items on small units that if knocked into could fall on your dog causing harming.


Move tempting garbage and recycling inside a latched cabinet or in a sturdy trash can that is covered and will not easily be tipped over. And remember to keep diaper bid lids shut tight.

How to stop your pet dog or puppy going in the garbadge bin

Safety Tips

Remove medication

You dog can become very sick if it digests any medication not prescribed to it by the vet. Tablets such as aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, cold or cough medications, diet pills can be dangerous if not deadly. Make sure you get in a habit of always leaving medication out of reach and find a safe place to store it permanently where it can be locked away.

Always keep bathroom medicine out of reach from your dog or puppy

Cleaning and other chemical products

Many household cleaning products can irritate your dogs skin if they come into contact with it or worse if they are digested they can be deadly. Always keep cleaning products and other chemicals such as antifreeze out of your dogs reach. Use child-proof locks on Kitchen or bathroom cabinets like under the sink or move them higher up and always thoroughly cleanup any spills.

Toilet bowl

Always keep the toilet lid shut, not only will this prevent them picking up a habit of drinking from it they have a surprising tendency to want to jump in them which can also be dangerous. Remove any other objects like brushes and plungers out of reach and place soap, shampoo and razors on a caddy in the shower instead of the ledge of the tub.

How to stop your dog going in your toilet bowl

Poisons plants

Many plants, especially exotic looking ones can be poisonous to dogs. It’s best to remove these types of plants altogether replacing them with known dog friendly ones. If not move them out of reach in a area where fallen leaves cannot be got to.


Always protect your open fireplace with a secure fire screen.

Electrical wires

Electric wires offer no protection against Sharp teeth and can be chewed through in the instance your back is turned, or if pulled on can bring crashing down heavy lamps or similar appliances. Think of ways to hide electrical wires by trailing them out of reach or hiding them behind furniture. It is a good idea to move furniture in front of electrical sockets. Make sure your dog cannot get behind your TV. You can also protect the wires in your home with a tidy system that can be fitted to the skirting or by simply using some strong plastic tubing split down its length to push the cord through.

How to stop your dog or puppy chewing electrical wires

Pet gate

It is important that you have access to some room that you may want to keep your dog out of. Save your self the frustration of trying to slip in and out with a dog gate.

Keep your dog or puppy safe with a dog gate

Gates and fences

It important to make sure your dog can be confined to your garden. Test the fence and make sure it’s sturdy, with no way to escape. Block any holes that can be squeezed through. It should be high enough not to jump over. If your pet likes to dig, you may have to put a lining the ground beneath the fence with concrete.