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Q) Is it cruel to get a dog which will be alone for several hours when I go to work? What can be done to limit the stress on a dog?

A) It is not cruel, as long as you give your dog enough exercise, attention and stimulation to stop it getting bored and lonely while your out.
If you give your dog lots of exercise and playtime before you go out, and leave it with plenty of stimulating puzzle toys, and crate-train it and confine it to one room that you have fully dog proofed most dogs will be perfectly happy. This will not work with a puppy as they require being taken out to potty every hour until they get old enough that their bladders and bowels can hold it. They also have much higher energy level than adult dogs. An adult dog 2-4 years of age or older would be ideal. Re-homing a healthy older dog would be the best option. Get two instead of one, that way they’ll keep each other company or else hire a dog walker for the middle of the day.

Q) How do I stop my dog going playing in my cats litter box? My dog keeps putting his head in the cat litter box and eating the cat poo.

A) Training may help but you may need to blocking access to this space. In the long run you will need to train your dog not to do this and to help you can get some tablets from a pet store that will make cat poo unenterprising to them. Failing this you could move the litter tray to an area where you dog does not have access for instance in a room that has a pet gate.

Q) How do I dog proof my garden pond?
I really want to install a pond in my garden the only problem is that I have a choc labrador who loves playing in water! is there any way I could make a pond that is dog proof?

A) You could try putting a covering on it or putting a fence around it, however this will look not look so great. In the long run you would be better of training you dog to respect this boundary and to stay out of there.