Best dog chew toys

A guide to the best chew toys for dogs to stop them chewing furniture and your house or apartment

Chew toys can be helpful when training your dog not to chew your furniture and other things in your home. By providing a few safe and acceptable alternative you can avoid damage done by a board dog. To help you choose which toy is the best take a look at our top ten guide. Not only does it include toys you can buy from a pet store but also many you can make for free.

Durability Mess Cost
Kong 4 4 4 Stops bordom
Rawhide 6 4 4 Chewing alternative

Kong Classic Rubber Dog Chew & Treat Fetch Toy

  • Rating

  • Durability 2
  • Mess 5
  • Cost 0
  • Stops boredom

dog-toy-kong-220-168Calling itself the WORLD’S BEST DOG TOY! this toy is used by the police and military. Their unpredictable bounce lures most dogs into a game of chase, catch and chew. The hollow center can be filled with food and treats. This toy provides a physically and intellectually challenging. Can help with destructive chewing, digging and separation anxiety.


  • Rating

  • Durability 4
  • Mess 3
  • Helps prevent boredom

Pure rawhide chew are a great safe and acceptable alternative to satisfy a dog’s desire to chew, they also encourage fresh breath and clean teeth. Can help with destructive chewing, digging and separation anxiety.

What is your Dogs favorite chew toy?

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