How To Cat Proof Your Home

It is not always possible to train you cat to not damage your home and unwanted scratching can quickly build up as you try and correct this behavior. The soft plaster around doors can become quickly scratched sofas can be used as a scratching post. It’s vital to make a few cat proofing changes before your left with a tatty looking home or are forced to make expensive repairs.

Christmas trees and decoration

Christmas can be a stressful time for your can and you if not managed with your can in mind.
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Medications and perfumes

Many bathroom items are toxic to cats. Make sure you don’t leave medications where you cat has access. Move all breakable items and hazardous objects safely in a cabinets, cupboards and drawers.

Fire guards

Always protect your open fireplace with a secure fire screen.

Cleaning chemicals

Always store detergents, bleach and other chemicals in a cupboard out of reach or other cat proof place.
You may need to install a baby proofing latches to keep you pay out of cupboards.

Keep valuables out of reach

Cats are curious and will want to explore the surfaces in your home. Remove any valuables that could be knocked to the floor. Avoid piles of papers that could cause a slip and take special care of glass objects.

Cover soft furniture

Cats and kittens love to climb on furniture. They may also pick up a bad habit of using them as a scratching post. Cover cloth furniture like sofas with a through or cover. Confine curtains to less used rooms.


The smell of rubbish will always be tempting to a curious cat. Make sure you have a bin with a lit that cannot be easily knocked over.

Poisonous Plants

Cats and kittens will play with your house plants, biting and tasting the leaves. Eating some plants can be harmful even fatal to your cat to should be moved out of reach. Make sure they leaves cannot fall into areas your can can reach.


Make sure you get in the habit of leaving the toilet lid down. If your cats falls in it could be dangerous even fatal.

The Garage

There are many poisonous and hazardous materials stored in your garage and its safest to make this space off-limits to your cat. Anti-freeze is very dangerous as pets like the taste. Make sure spills are cleaned up thoroughly.

Rocking chairs and sofa mechanisms

Cats like to find tight spaces and the warmth and darkness of furniture can make them attractive nest. However furniture with mechanisms, recliners and sofa beds can be dangerous and always check before using or closing them.

Hanging cords

Always make sure cords are tired out of reach. Hanging blinds or any loops of cord that hand down can be very dangerous if you cat or kitten gets tangled up in them.

Electrical cords

It can be dangerous even fault to leave access to any power cables. Hide cables behind furniture or trail them out of reach. Make sure the space behind your TV is blocked of. Its best to tidy all the cables away in a system or tuck then into some split length plastic tubing.
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Rubber bands, balloons or hair bands, paper clips, safety pins and thumb tacks and other small articles are tempting to cats and kittens, however that should always be moved out of reach as they are choking hazards. Put bits and bobs away in a draw or container. Keep plastic bags out of reach.