Cat Safety Care Tips

Follow this simple advice and make sure its safe for your house cat to roam in your home.

There are lots of areas in your home where you cat could cause damage or come to harm. Cat proofing is an important process to ensure the environment you provide is danger free and your furniture or personal items doesn’t get damaged. Then you can relax knowing there won’t be any problems that could lead to injury, a costly vet’s bill or worse. Follow the simple advice and make safe all the danger zones in your home.

  1. Keep all medication out of reach, they can be very harmful or even deadly to cats
  2. Keep cleaning and other chemical products in a locked cupboard out of reach
  3. Block off the space under the sofa or bed. Unfinished sharp edges and crawl spaces can be dangerous
  4. Keep the lid of the toilet bowl
  5. Keep odd bits and bobs like loose change, string, safety pins, buttons out of reach
  6. Some plants can be poisonous to cats. Keep them out of reach, watch where the leaves fall
  7. Always protect your open fireplace with a secure fire screen
  8. Electric wires can shock if chewed on, or if tugged on can pull over heavy armaments